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District 7 Fall Ball
Want More Money?

For profit companies charge $2.00+ per player in addition to credit card fees. For a 500 player league, that's $1000+ you're wasting in fee's. We don't charge those fee's, our service is FREE to use.

Easily Organize Teams

Easily create teams, view player lists by division and assign players to teams. Then print out team rosters to distribute to your coaches. With, it is easy to organize your teams.

Constant Contact

Email all players, division players, or an individual team's players within minutes. Also easily email last season's players with a reminder to sign-up.

Limit Player Signups

Restrict signups by gender, age, and zip codes per division. No more mistaken signups or boys playing Softball. Our system will prevent those signup errors from occurring.

No overfilling Teams

You select the number of available spots per division, and once full the division will automatically close and notify you. No more over or under filled teams.

Manually add players

Manually add players from paper applications and walk in signups. Best of all, since you only pay credit card fee's, manual player additions are always 100% free.

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