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* is setup as a not for profit organization.

Our service is free to use to add players and organize players onto teams.

If you choose to accept credit cards online, the following fees are charged:

Credit Card Processing (Merchant Account) : 2.9% + .30¢
Gateway Access (Credit Card) : 0.8% + 0.00

So if your fee is $50, you would receive $47.85. ($50 X .963 - .30)

Most for profit companies charge an additional $2.00-$5.00 MORE per player - We do not.

These fee's are standard processing fee's associated with a merchant account.

The total fees collected (minus above costs) are transfered to your sportsfee account and available for withdrawl.

You can receive player signup fee's by Paypal (within 24 hours) or via a mailed check (3-5 days).

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